Eaton in action to support China in battle against COVID-19

Eaton Corporate China and its partner helped connect the power supply at new hospitals in Wuhan, while also providing equipment for intelligent and reliable power distribution.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Eaton Corporate China has been dedicated to taking proactive actions to fight against the pandemic together with China.

“The health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, suppliers and the communities where we operate has always been the top focus for Eaton,” said Howard Liu, president of Eaton Corporate China and Electrical Sector APAC. “The company has been making every endeavor to join in this battle and support the relief effort.”

To fight the fast-spreading COVID-19, China kicked off the construction of two field hospitals in Wuhan. With the news, Eaton proactively sought opportunities to support this. An urgent request emerged from the regional utility, Wuhan Power Supply Bureau, that both Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals needed help connecting to utility power. 

The highly complicated effort to design, build and construct two hospitals in short notice required consistent power. Eaton mobilized its emergency response teams in China to help. In a matter of days, Eaton and its partner helped connect the main power supply at both hospitals and provided medium-voltage cable accessories supporting intelligent and reliable power distribution.

Eaton in action to support China in battle against COVID-19

Eaton and partners help China build new Wuhan hospitals amid the global battle against the coronavirus.

Furthermore, Eaton and its local partner, Wuhan Chaote Network Technology Co Ltd, worked overnight to install, deploy and start up power at the Huoshenshan Hospital. Besides, Eaton also provided three units of uninterruptible power supplies and 112 sets of batteries. This equipment powered health-care digitalization, the equipment analyzing blood tests and monitoring patients, as well as supporting emergency backup.

“Working in the field complicates access to a steady and reliable power supply, which can be a matter of life and death when critical medical equipment is involved,” said Liu. “Eaton is committed to providing high-performance solutions to everyday heroes on the front lines – on typical days and in moments of crisis.”

Eaton in action to support China in battle against COVID-19

Eaton and its partner work overnight to install, deploy and start up power at the Huoshenshan Hospital.

Inside of 24-hour notice, Eaton delivered the circuit protection supporting critical CT equipment on site at the Huoshenshan Hospital. This diagnostic equipment is critical to rapid response and treatment of symptoms. Eaton power management solutions are protecting these sophisticated diagnostic imaging machines from downtime and enabling reliable, efficient power.

Besides, Eaton also proactively made donations through the Shanghai Charity Foundation to purchase medical supplies to hospitals in Wuhan and other parts of Hubei Province. Prioritizing its employees, the company also mobilized quickly to deliver urgent and professional assistance to ensure the safety and health of its employees in China.

"Thanks to the timely prevention and control measures taken by the government and the transparency of information after the outbreak of COVID-19, our operation has been working functionally and smoothly,” Liu said. "Until today, we are seeing significant progress being achieved so far in China in this battle and we definitely believe that with all of our joint efforts, we will win."

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