Shanghai beefs up efforts on investment promotion over three months

Ding Yining
Shanghai aims to launch eight major campaigns over three months featuring important investment projects and promotional activities, to boost economic confidence and recovery.
Ding Yining

Editor's Note:

Shanghai, a well-established destination for investment from home and abroad, is keen to ride the waves of economic revitalization to attract more quality investment with better policies and services.

Shanghai beefs up efforts on investment promotion over three months

Eight major campaigns featuring important investment projects and investment promotion activities are expected to be launched in the city over the next three months, the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission said on Wednesday.

The annual Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference will be held in early April to mark the city's latest efforts to boost confidence in winning the battle for economic recovery and revitalization.

It's also expected to inject strong momentum into Shanghai's economic development in the next stage.

A series of major investment projects in the city's pillar industries, namely, integrated circuits, biomedicine and artificial intelligence, will be unveiled during the conference.

It will also work with professional investment promotion teams to attract capital for specialty industry clusters that fit well with the city's economic and urban planning.

The city's officials will also extend invitations to global investors to further enhance Shanghai's global influence.

Major construction projects in the city's five "new cities" will also be announced in the near future.

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