McDonald's to boost checks on suppliers

The company is strengthening safety controls. It is also adding more nutritional items to its menu to promote health eating.

McDonald’s will increase the number of spot checks on suppliers by 10 percent next year as part of its policy of boosting food safety controls, McDonald’s China chief executive officer Phyllis Cheung said on Tuesday.

And it will bring in new suppliers who must pass a rigorous evaluation process.

Harauld 'Ox' Sextus (Right), owner of the Shanghai Bakery, with  McDonald's China chief executive officer Phyllis Cheung.

The company will also increase the number of nutritious items on its menu and include nutritional information on its website and social media accounts  to help promote healthy eating.

The fast food chain said earlier this year it will push forward new store openings on China’s mainland, seeking to open 500 stores a year in the next five years.

It currently has about 250 stores after it formed a new company to run all its outlets on the mainland and in Hong Kong under a master franchising deal with McDonald’s headquarters. 

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