Xeros to enter Chinese market with water saving patent

The British technology company Xeros, meaning "dry" in ancient Greek, is to bring its water saving patent Xorb to China.

The signing ceremony of Xeros with Sea-Lion during the China International Laundry Industry Exhibition held between July 18 and July 20.

Xeros, a developer and provider of water saving technologies, has signed a licensing contract with Jiangsu Sea-Lion, China’s market-leading commercial washing machine manufacturer, at the annual China International Laundry Industry Exhibition held between July 18 and July 20.

Xero means “dry” in ancient Greek. Its patented water saving XOrb polymer technology, which can save a lot of water and make washing environmentally friendly, will be integrated into Sea-Lion’s commercial washing machines. The first sales are expected in 2019.

Xeros’ technologies can save at least 50 percent of water, 50 percent of detergent, 50 percent of electrical energy, and at the same time reduce effluent and carbon emissions for customers from hospitals, hotels and the like, according to Mark Nichols, chief executive of Xeros.

The Chinese government has been committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly development, formulating policies to transform and upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry, to which Xeros’s technologies can contribute a great deal.

China is also a large market for Xeros. Its research indicates approximately 27,000 commercial washing machines are sold in China every year, and water rates are increasing significantly for industrial users across large parts of China, especially in the north.

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