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Local media platform eyes overseas expansion

Zhu Shenshen
Oriental Pearl Group plans to expand overseas and strengthen international cooperation.
Zhu Shenshen

Oriental Pearl Group, a Shanghai-listed new media firm, will expand overseas and strengthen international cooperation, the company said on Friday.

Oriental Pearl, a listed subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group, also announced a plan to integrate its content production and distribution business.

“Shanghai has its unique advantage in spreading the voice of China, thanks to its location, history and culture background, ” said Wang Jianjun, chairman of the Oriental Pearl.

In the next three years, Oriental Pearl plans to produce 40 new TV dramas and related products, including some co-production works with foreign partners.

The BBC, a partner of the company, said it hopes to deepen cooperation with Oriental Pearl.

“We have developed our cooperation (with SMG) for many years. It’s like a relationship with marriage,” David Weiland, executive vice president of BBC Asia, said in Shanghai.

Oriental Pearl announced partnership today with the BBC and publishers in Thailand and Malaysia.

With business integration, the company has set up independent studios using new technologies like 5G, VR and AI.

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