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Shanghai is Chinese mainland's most popular Airbnb city: report

Zhu Shenshen
City meeting the 'trendy and diversified" demands of millennial travelers according to a report as it comes top as a destination on China's mainland.
Zhu Shenshen

Shanghai has become the most popular city on China's mainland on Airbnb in 2019, as it "meets trendy and diversified tourism demands especially those millennial travelers,” Airbnb said in a report. 

Millennial travelers, those aged between 20 and 39, account for a third of China’s total population. They pursue different tourism experiences compared with their parents, according to the 2019 Chinese Millennial Travelers Insights Report jointly released by Airbnb and CBN Data.

Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing and Guangzhou are the top mainland destinations for Airbnb users this year. 

Airbnb has more than 6 million homestay accommodations in 100,000 cities worldwide.

On China's mainland, 70 percent of Airbnb users are millennial travelers with diversified tourism demands. They have become “the driving force of the tourism market,” said Peng Tao, Airbnb China president.

The Internet is reshaping the way people travel as many follow the trends and hot-click destinations spread on social media, according to the report.

Chongqing, Xi’an, Chengdu and many other cities have suddenly become trendy on the TikTok short video platform. Following the online trend, millennial travelers visit these cities, helping to boost the local homestay market, the report said.

Small cities in Qinghai and Guizhou provinces, Foshan and Wenzhou have become the fastest-growing popular destinations on Airbnb, thanks to scenic sites, folk music and gourmet dining, Peng said.

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