Cao Xinyu

Opinion Writer

Online gaming companies play big on rural kids

With the monotony that stems from the rural-urban divide, boarding schools and rural environment, online gaming is gradually becoming rural children's only road to escape.

The state of mind: Is the post-90s generation already feeling old?

To the post-90s who feel like aging before their time, it may only depend on your attitude toward life.

Seniors are the prime targets of health care scams

The China Health Care Association statistics show that the sales of health products in China amounted to US$30 billion last year – half of which was contributed by senior citizens.

Live-streaming classes might make a real impact

I think it's a bit exaggerated to say that a screen, or the live-streaming lessons, can change fates and tackle education inequality.

Policies key to winning war against trash

Shanghai is stepping up efforts to deal with the problem of garbage.

Bike rentals fast losing luster as many debt-ridden firms go under

In less than two years, the once thriving bike-sharing industry is now in a limbo. 

Emboldening our teachers to rein in unruly students

With the perceived decline of teachers' authority and the lack of tools to discipline unruly students, classroom management becomes tough.

Connecting Jiangsu's 'Salt City' with national and regional plans

After the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta is raised to a national strategy, regional cooperation and interaction is expected to scale up.

PR summit pursues global excellence

"If a city aims to become a global city, it has to be safe, green, recyclable and sustainable."
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Economic growth must be inclusive for the benefit of all – business and people

You make more money, you keep going, and more people are impacted. You unleash the dynamics of profitable strategy.