Shi to honor Peking Opera masters

The Shanghai-born Peking Opera artist will perform works from four different schools of the traditional Chinese opera.
Ti Gong

Shanghai-born Peking Opera artist Shi Yihong will perform in memory of Peking Opera masters Mei Lanfang, Shang Xiaoyun, Cheng Yanqiu and Xun Huisheng.

In the early 20th century, Mei, Shang, Cheng and Xun were known as the four most famous dan actors (men playing female roles). Each of them also founded their own distinctive vocal and performing school.

Shi, a 45-year-old versatile artist from the Shanghai Peking Opera Company, will stage representative works of the four vocal schools, including “Su San Under Police Escort,” “Wang Zhaojun Departs Frontier,” “Chungui Dream” and “Jin Yunu.”

Celebrated theater performers Cai Zhengren, Jin Xihua and Xiao Runnian will also be invited to join Shi on several excerpts.

“It is a rare chance for me to preserve and reinterpret the classic plays of the late masters,” said Shi. “Each play tells a touching story. I feel so honored and excited to depict impressive female characters of the stories and learn the methods of different vocal schools.”

With elegance and an all-round ability on stage, Shi is often dubbed as “the first lady of Chinese opera.” She is one of few Peking Opera performers who are also skilled in Kunqu Opera.

She has been performing Peking Opera for more than 30 years. In 1994, she won the Plum Blossom Prize, the highest theatrical award in China.

Performance details

Date: May 1, 1:30pm, 7:15pm

Tickets: 80-680 yuan

Tel: 6386-8686

Venue: Shanghai Grand Theater

Address: 300 People's Ave

Xu Wei / SHINE

Shi Yihong (center) is one of few Peking Opera performers who are also skilled in Kunqu Opera.

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