Greg Cusack

Book review

Ongoing legacy of original sin: pervasive racism in America

For people of color, the result is that they experience an almost constant state of surveillance, even suspicion, from white neighbors, co-workers and law enforcement personnel.
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Let's regain integrity's compass

It seems to me that in our own time far too many people wear different faces depending upon their own needs or the role they were expected to play.
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Breathe and enjoy the richness of living in the now

"I have learned the richness of living in the now, perhaps because the "time" I have left is much shorter than it once was."
Book review

The US is teetering on the edge, but could be redeemed by virtues

Even our day-to-day language has become more vulgar and insulting which, together with the rise of electronic media, has fostered and enabled these divisions....
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Are 'the people' of US ready for democracy?

Furthermore, the vast majority of citizens have little or no say in the decisions reached by members of Congress who are beholden, instead, to the pocketbooks of the wealthy elite.
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Debunking the myth of a 'country for white people'

"Not racist" but wanting a "country for white people." A bit of a conundrum here.
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Time for US to ditch poisonous dog whistle of racism

The dog whistles of racism are everywhere, once you have tuned your ears to hear, and your eyes to see, them.
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Time for troubled West to discard bias over China's achievements

US analyst sees the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as an example of what grown-ups trying to tackle major problems in a mature way look like.