Jiang Xinhua

Feature Reporter

Change of season and a taste of spring in the air

Some of the city's finest restaurants are seeking to showcase their love for spring and all its entire splendor by introducing an array of zesty, mouth-watering cuisines.

10th China Flower Expo launch under way

Chongming District marked the 800-day countdown to the 10th China Flower Expo, to be held from May 21 till July 2 in 2021, under the theme of "Blossom with a Chinese Dream."

Move over Peppa, it's time to meet McDull!

Peppa Pig is so last year! This new year, kids and parents can enjoy a fun moment with McDull, an anthropomorphic pig cartoon character created in Hong Kong.

X Games China brings world-class talent to Shanghai

The international event is making its Chinese debut in Shanghai this summer and a winter competition is in the planning stages. 

Expo to be blooming lovely in Chongming

Shanghai's Chongming District has released its draft 2021 China Flower Expo Area Plan.

A Pokemon party: Here's lookin' at you, Pikachu

The Place is turning into a "Pokémon Paradise" as Christmas is nearing. 

2018 Ironman 70.3 held on Chongming Island

The 2018 Ironman 70.3 Shanghai Chongming Station was held at Mingzhu Lake Park on Chongming Island on Sunday, with more than 1,290 athletes participating. 

Breathing easy in the greenery across the river

The 2018 Shanghai Chongming Eco-island International Forum was held in Chongming. Experts from home and abroad gathered to hammer out a development strategy for the district.

New 'green rice' using crayfish, frogs and ducks

This harvest season, the Chongming government is releasing the first crop of its new hybrid rice from its own 6.7-square-kilometer organic farm.

Showing off the treasures of Lishui

Lishui (Beautiful Water) is just two and a half hours from Shanghai by train and offers a wealth of scenery and history.