Lu Feiran

Feature Reporter

Blind leading the blind to more-fulfilling lives

Ji Yanqing, 35, and his friends have created an online platform for people like him who are visually impaired. The platform was selected one of the top 10 charities in Shanghai.

Coffee and collecting create cottage charm

In the Normandy Apartments, a vintage landmark of Xuhui District, the recently opened Cottage Cafe & Bar lends an extra retro touch to an area with memories of the early 1900s.

China's cultural footprint on foreign shores

China's opening up to the outside world has long been a one-way street of foreign ideas flowing into the nation. But the tide has now turned, with Chinese culture flowing overseas.

Sacred site for Buddhists, awesome site for tourists

The Shaolin Temple, which has long been seen as the origin of Chinese martial arts, is the cradle of three religions that helped shape Chinese culture for centuries.
Art & Culture

Language reveals its strength of character

Linguist Li Shanchuan and his business partner Huang Hui are trying to help people rediscover the origins of Chinese characters through their cultural platform, Cool Character.

Holes begone! The oh-sew delicate skill of mending

Every day for the past 26 years, Cao Shuhua has been patching clothing for people from a small stall on Tianyaoqiao Road in Xuhui District, weather permitting.

Tourism aside, holy site retains the solemnity of ages

In the mountains of Sichuan Province, an ancient seat of Taoism reveals the myths and relics of worship dating back 2,000 years.  

Vision for the future: better child eye care

Gong Yi, who suffered severe eye disease and was on the verge of losing eyesight, founded a non-profit service center in Shanghai to offer eye-care education to young children.

Wannabe stars fuel video fad

Can 15 seconds in an online video propel someone to fame? Plenty of young people think so. You can find them performing on hot sites like Tik Tok.

Quirky careers, offbeat services free the young from 9-to-5 rut

The new generation prefers to use their skills and experience to pursue work that gives them self-esteem and purpose.