Lu Feiran

Feature Reporter

Statue of Buddha doing a V-sign invitation to all

Whatever you may think you may know about the ancient Longmen Grottoes in Henan Province, it's certain it can be no substitute for experiencing the real thing in person.

Factories old and new offer interesting tours

Tourism takes a unique turn through the historical and contemporary domain of factory production that built and sustains modern Shanghai.

Bittersweet memories of a past era

Isabel Sun Chao was 18 when she left Shanghai in 1952 to visit her mother in Hong Kong. She never saw her father again. Now, she has written memoirs of that bygone era.

To the power of two

An elderly pair recall the parts they played in China's industrial development and the aid from Czech experts.

House of cards for those seeking answers

Gu Jiaye was a professional tarot-reader for two years before she left the shop where she worked, rented a small house on Chongqing Road S. and started her own business.

All aboard for a trip through the history of railways

The Shanghai Railway Museum takes visitors on a trip through 150 years of history, keeping alive a legacy of economic development and personal memories of a age of transport.

ESport a booming industry for Shanghai

Video games offering more opportunities for men and women to make participation a lifelong career.

Helping the handicapped on dual fronts

Buy for Two (Buy42) aims to raise funds to help the handicapped and also hires people with disabilities to assist with donated items.

Ruins tell the story of an abandoned city

Fushi used to be one of the most prosperous cities in Hunan before the Peng clan left.

Don't dump household discards. Sell them!

Selling secondhand goods, once relegated to flea markets, is now making inroads into e-commerce.