Unhealthy health advertisements banned

Three TV ads have been banned for breaches of advertising laws and regulations, People's Daily reported Tuesday.
Unhealthy health advertisements banned

An image grab from the TV ad for Coconut Palm drink.

China’s radio and television administration has banned three TV ads, People’s Daily reported Tuesday.

The TV ads of a coconut drink produced by Coconut Palm Group contained “vulgar content which went against social values,” used too much “sensory stimulation,” and could “mislead the audience, especially young people,” the National Radio and Television Administration said.

The beverage producer was already under investigation by the market watchdog in Hainan Province for the packaging of the drink which featured women in tight, low-cut tops and claims that it could increase breast size.

TV ads for other two healthcare capsules claimed they could treat impotence and other sexual dysfunctions, content not allowed in TV ads.

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