Wang Qingchu

Website Managing Editor

May's China visit a dose of golden sunshine through protectionist haze

British Prime Minister Theresa May's first official visit to China has affirmed that both countries will seek stronger partnership in free trade and in tackling global challenges

Police withdraw 'nit-picking' ticket after public backlash

Traffic police in a northeast China city have withdrawn a ticket for "unclear license plates" after the penalty aroused widespread criticism.

Orange alert issued for heavy fog in Shanghai

An alert for fog was upgraded from yellow to orange, the second-highest level in the four-tier system, at 5:46am Tuesday by the Shanghai weather bureau.

Websites of Zara, Medtronic found to have territorial errors

Shanghai's Internet regulator ordered fashion chain Zara and medical giant Medtronic to make corrections after they were found to have listed Taiwan as a separate country online.

University professor sacked for sexual harassment

A professor has been sacked from Beihang University for sexual harassment, the Beijing-based University said in a statement Thursday night.

Marriott CEO makes apology, recognizes 'severity' of territorial gaff

US hotel chain Marriott International's CEO apologized Thursday after it listed Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Tibet as separate countries on some of its online content.

Marriott in hot water for misnaming Chinese regions

Authorities closed down Marriott International's Chinese website for a week, punishing the hotel chain for listing Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Tibet as separate countries.

Marriott website ordered to close after territorial blunder

Marriott International has been ordered to shut down its Chinese website and app for seven days for listing Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Tibet as separate countries.

Cyberspace regulator launches WeChat account

Shanghai's Internet regulator will launch a public WeChat account tomorrow at 8am in order to solicit public opinions.

Teacher who stops train from leaving station suspended

Police have started an investigation after a woman delayed a train by stopping the door from closing, saying she was waiting for her husband in a city in eastern China.