Curtain falls on Wuzhen's art exhibition

Two works from participating artists Kazuo Sejima of Japan and Switzerland's Katja Schenker are to go on permanent display in the ancient watertown. 
Curtain falls on Wuzhen's art exhibition
Ti Gong

Kazuo Sejima's "Another Layer of Surface"

The curtain has fallen on the three-month Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition.

Two artworks created by Japanese artist Kazuo Sejima and Swiss artist Katja Schenker have been donated as permanent outdoor displays.

In the northern suburb of Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, the watertown of Wuzhen has retained its original style. 

Fusing contemporary art with the ancient watertown conjured up a magical and surprising ambiance.

The event invited 48 contemporary artists to the main exhibition and nominated 12 artists to the youth program, with many of their themes dealing with globalization and rapid transformation of the world stage.

According to the organizers, nearly 150,000 visitors frequented the exhibition, almost 50,000 more than its first edition in 2016.

More than 20 public education activities were conducted on the theme of the relationship between environment and architecture, art and the countryside.

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