Wang Jie

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Exhibition brings street art to city museum

An exhibition titled "Post Contemporary Urban Graphics 7019" has brought street art to MoCA in the city.

A different corner of the art market

Some of George Michael's collection of art will go on show from February 23 to 28 at Christie's office in Shanghai. The collection will then be sold in London on March 14. 
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Unveiling the enigma of Shanghai Style in art

An exhibition titled "The First Round Art Research Exhibition of Shanghai Style Painting from 1843 to 1927," is currently showcased at Liu Haisu Art Museum through March 17.
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Capturing the spirit of Shanghai in paint

Local artist Wang Jiafang spent nearly 40 days standing on a scaffold to implement a daunting piece 7.5 meter long and 5.5 meter wide, titled "Shanghai."
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Chinese debut for a pioneer of architecture

The first and largest exhibition of Le Corbusier on China's mainland, who is regarded by many as the most famous architect of the 20th century, is currently at Suzhou Art Museum.
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Zhang makes the case for female curators

Female curators are not often found in the art community, but Zhang Bing has always tried to push herself and the artists she chooses to the public.
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Art Fairs Paint New Picture (2005-2010)

From 2005 to 2010, ShContemporary was undoubtedly the most important event on the city's art calendar.
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Jiang proud to have been part of ShContemporary

JASMINE Jiang of Bolognafiere Exhibition Co Ltd witnessed the huge success of ShContemporary and its decline in later years. 
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Breaking down barriers with his Panda

THOUGH his name may not be high on the list of China's contemporary art, Zhao Bandi is always mentioned in any discussion of its history.
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Best of Western Masterpieces

PROBABLY one of the best exhibitions to be held this year, the "500 Years of Western Paintings, Collection of Tokyo Fuji Art Museum" is ongoing at Shanghai Powerlong Museum.