Wang Jie

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Intriguing exhibit unearths cradle of Chinese Buddhist culture

A captivating new art exhibition, "Blissful Land: Into the Depth of Statues & Murals," recently unveiled at the Shanghai Himalayas Museum, promises to leave visitors intrigued.
Art & Culture

Artist's 'Great Voyage' throws down sea legs challenge

"The Grand Voyage: The Seventh Prophecy," currently showcasing at ShanghART, is an exhibition that throws down a challenge to visitors.

A pioneer in China's creative and cultural park development

For over a decade, He Zengqiang has been involved in nine creative and cultural parks in Shanghai.
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Impressionist innovator bewildering Western world with a fusion of science and art

Innovative artist Li Zili continues to confound and bewilder the Western art world with his exploration toward impressionism in "scattered perspective" and "optical artwork."
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Master craftsman gives a touch of shine to antique furniture

Ma Rugao has spent decades perfecting the art of repairing antique furniture at the Shanghai Museum. Yet, strangely, he doesn't own a single piece of antique himself.   
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The artist who defied his parents to mount his own mountain

Tang Zeming trained as a swimmer, and his parents had high hopes for him. However, instead of being an Olympic champion, he has become a leading ink-wash painter and teacher.
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An insight into the life of Zhang Yilin

Many names fade with history, but some remain. One of those is Zhang Yilin (1863-1943), whose possessions are now on display at Suzhou Art Museum.
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The Russian artist who nurtured generations of Chinese artists

Artist and soldier Evsey Moiseyenko's iconic works such as "The Reds Have Arrived!" and "Sweet Cherries" had a great impact on the artists of communist China.
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Art in a space of light

New exhibition showcases Japanese architect Tadao Ando's visionary work.
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Rongbaozhai autumn auction to be held this weekend

The autumn art auction run by one of the oldest auction houses in China will kick off this Friday at the Regal International East Asia.