Song Yingge

Business Reporter

Filling up your car will now cost less

Gas and diesel prices fall from midnight Friday in line with lower global crude prices.

Shanghai's power grid to become smart by 2020

The grid within the city's inner ring road will be remotely controlled and monitored in real time while power lines will be able to self-recover if they are damaged.

Recyclers wrestle with making waste pay

Internet startups are groping their way amid China's exploration into a wholesome recycling system.

Sales of elevators in China to rise 15 percent in 2018

A rally in the real estate industry two years ago will drive demand for elevators.

Gas price increases for the second time this year

Filling a private car in Shanghai will cost about 2.5 yuan (39 US cents) more from tomorrow.

Baosteel sees net earnings to surge last year

The net profit surge is bolstered by a rally in steel prices amid China's supply cuts.

Addressing the gap affecting rural areas

Shanghai will encourage advanced industrial development in rural areas both to invigorate the city and to help integrate the growth of urban and rural areas.

Dow to use new brand name Dowsil in China from February 6

Dowsil will inherit Dow Corning's silicone-related solutions and enhance Dow's presence in China which covers over 20 percent of Dow Corning's global sales.

China proved to be more efficient on the use of energy

China's use of power per unit of gross domestic product decreased 3.7 percent last year amid upgrading of energy structure, said the National Bureau of Statistics.

Shanghai stocks continue the weekly rally on upbeat investor sentiment

Shanghai stocks have grown for four consecutive days in the past week to notch a one-month rally amid upbeat economic outlook.