Woman sacked after rude treatment of 'common' customers caught on video

A traffic fine employee in Jiangsu Province loses her job after telling customers she can choose who she likes to cut in line, while "common" customers should shut up and queue.

A female employee at a service center for paying traffic fines in Jiangsu Province was sacked July 15 after her improper conduct was caught on video the day before.

The video, which was posted online, showed Jiao Aiqin of Funing County, Yancheng, acting in an aggressive and rude manner towards customers. 

At one point she let people jump the queue and was questioned by a customer who was waiting. She told that customer that leaders enjoy the privilege of cutting in line for faster service, while "common" citizens need to line up.

Jiao told people in the line that she could choose whoever she likes to jump the queue. She was ill-mannered and not dressed in her uniform.

Another netizen said in an online post that Jiao told him on June 30 the service was not open to the public on Saturdays, while other employees confirmed it was open for half a day on Saturday.

The traffic police department of the county’s security bureau said Jiao’s behavior severely impacted the image of the public security organ and resulted in negative social impact as well.

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