Woman run over by truck walks away with cuts and bruises

A woman in Hangzhou probably won't run red lights in the future after ending up underneath a truck and suffering nothing more than a few cuts and bruises. 

A woman who ran a red light on her scooter made a miraculous escape after ending up under a truck in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, thanks to the help of a quick-thinking police officer.

The terrifying incident went down at an intersection in the city's Yuhang District on November 1, when a woman on a scooter ignored the red light and crossed the road as a heavy truck was turning right.

She escaped with only a few cuts and bruises thanks to the quick actions of Li Wei, a traffic police officer on duty who, realizing the collision about to happen, shouted and blew his whistle. The truck driver immediately applied his brakes.

Officer Li found the woman lying conscious underneath the truck's cab, just inches away from a more dire outcome.

He said it was fortunate the truck driver's window was open, allowing him to hear the officer's warnings in time. 

"The consequences would have been disastrous just one second later," Li said.

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