Zhu Jing

Feature Reporter

Healthy injection of goodness in a glass

Let’s check out some great smoothie shops around the city.

Trendy landmarks tucked away in Beijing's old alleys

Apart from the world-famous Forbidden City, Summer Palace and the Great Wall, there are also some hidden, trendy places to explore in the city.

Dabble in DIY arts, crafts for some fun

This week's City Scene found three nice studios where you can have some fun DIY and pick up fresh gift ideas.
Art & Culture

Cai Wenji earned fame as a talented poet and musician

Cai Yan 蔡琰, courtesy name Wenji 文姬, was a poet and musician from the late Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25-220). 

Amp up your coffee routine with these clever tips

MANY of us depend on coffee as a morning energizer of a refreshing beverage to sip throughout the day.

Aerial exercise routines take yoga classes to new heights

Aerial yoga is a new fitness trend that will literally sweep you off your feet. But is this new fad right for you? What are its health benefits and who should consider taking part? 

Creative concoctions offer new way to enjoy tea

IN the basement food court of a shopping center in Shanghai, a row of ice drip coffee makers caught my attention recently. 
Art & Culture

Nordic cultures develop own holiday customs

THE Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway have their own special Christmas traditions which depart from those practiced elsewhere in Europe.

Getting down with the sport of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Like many people, my first encounter with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was in a Korean drama. But the sport has become one of the most popular martial arts styles in recent years...

Get in fit, fighting form with Thai martial art

THAILAND’S national sport, Muay Thai, has become a popular sport across the world since the 20th century, though it began as a battlefield fighting skill centuries ago.