Dream, Create, Inspire

China has been proceeding cautiously with deeper reforms to address what is seen as imbalance and inadequate development in face of the public’s growing expectations for a better lifestyle. This series focuses on China's efforts to serve as the prelude to the dawning of a new era for the nation under the leadership of Xi Jinping, who was re-elected Party chief at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Local cardiac device maker launches French headquarters

MicroPort CRM, a subsidiary of the MicroPort Scientific Corporation in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, has unveiled their new headquarters in Clamart.

AI technology shines at international tech fair

AI to boost global cooperation and aid in the creation of "smart cities."

Service platform to position Shanghai as Belt and Road hub

Shanghai has set up a comprehensive service platform to encourage market entities to go global.

China's top 100 brands climb in value

The combined value of the top 100 brands in China recorded a 23 percent rise to US$557.1 billion, the largest annual increase since 2014, BrandZ says.

China launches yuan crude oil futures today to mark further financial opening up

The launch means "an important measure of further opening up" of China's futures market, and it makes Shanghai a better financial center.

Chinese consumers ahead of the pack thanks to local tech

The sophistication of Chinese consumers is already ahead of other parts of the world with the advancement of technology and smartphone applications, industry watchers say.

Industrial treatment giants eye domestic market

Global firms shift focus to China's consumers amid rising awareness of the need for cleaner water.

Innovation the key to China's development

China was inspired by the calling: "Science and technology are primary productive forces" three decades ago, and have now promoted innovation to achieve continuous development.
Art & Culture

Traditional music in tune with the times

Chinese traditional instruments and music are enjoying a renaissance with audiences, thanks to an infusion of new ideas in orchestration, composition and presentation.

Avoiding egg on your face in investing

The clichéd advice is "don't put all your eggs in one basket" when investing, but the trick is in choosing the best baskets, and that's not so simply stated.