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China gives its nod to the Benz-BMW deal on fast-charging network

Shen Mengdan
China has approved Mercedes-Benz Group China and BMW Brilliance Automotive's joint venture to establish a rapid charging network.
Shen Mengdan

Chinese authorities have approved Mercedes-Benz's new joint venture with BMW.

According to a statement issued on Monday by the State Administration for Market Supervision, it has approved that Mercedes-Benz Group China Ltd and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd to form a joint venture with equal shares in China.

The venture is to build a fast-charging network that will provide various services to Chinese customers. The network will have at least 1,000 high-power charging stations and approximately 7,000 high-power charging piles by the end of 2026. Customer services will include plug-and-charge and online reservations.

The use of renewable-generated electricity may be considered in the future. The charging stations are expected to be operational this year in places with high NEV penetration rates, such as Shanghai and Guangzhou, with additional stations planned nationally.

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