Pakistani nuclear deal to boost China's technology expansion

The two countries will use agreement to explore uranium.

China Nuclear Uranium Corp, a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corp, signed an agreement with Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission to boost nuclear technology collaboration, China Nuclear Energy Association said today.

The agreement, signed on Sunday, is to help the two nations explore and develop uranium which is used as fuel for nuclear power, the association said. The deal also expands the market of China’s nuclear power technology in the “belt and road” region, the association added.

China Nuclear Uranium will assign its research institutes involved in  geological research, chemical engineering and metallurgy to work with the Pakistani body during the coming two years under the agreement.

Pakistan is the key site of China’s belt and road implementation and will contribute greatly to China’s construction and energy technology exports.

China National Nuclear has sold four nuclear reactors with a capacity of 300,000 kilowatts each to Pakistan, and is constructing another two reactors.

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