Sci-tech innovator Danaher Corp swings plants back into production

Huang Yixuan
Pathology process products and water analysis components start to flow as work resumes from separate locations in Minhang and Pudong.
Huang Yixuan
Edited by Huang Yixuan.

As one of the first batch of key foreign trade enterprises to resume operations in Shanghai, science and technology innovator Danaher Corporation's two major plants in the city are officially back in production.

Leica China R&D and Manufacturing Site, an important part of the global supply chain of Leica Microsystems and Leica Biosystems under Danaher, officially resumed production as early as the end of April.

Leica Biosystems offers a comprehensive product range for each step in the pathology process, from sample preparation and staining to imaging and reporting. It caters to the full analysis spectrum from biopsy to diagnosis.

Of note, the three microtomes sold by Leica Biosystems worldwide all come from this plant in the Jinqiao area of Pudong. The plant also won Danaher Best Plant in 2021.

Another factory under Danaher, the Hach Shilu Plant in Minhang District, resumed production at the beginning of May after a nearly two-month halt.

It is one of the four global production bases of Hach Company, a world leading manufacturer of water analysis instruments. It has a history of more than 70 years, and has been producing over 70 percent of its products for the China market for 20 years.

When the pandemic outbreak hit, the plant took the initiative to respond to the shutdown from the start, dynamically adjusting its strategy in preparation for a full return to work.

At present, a total of 35 employees are stationed in the factory under 24-hour closed-loop management.

In the first week of closed-loop production, it achieved more than 50 percent of production capacity with about 30 percent of manpower, and the first batch of goods have entered the domestic market smoothly.

"Danaher's three R&D and manufacturing bases in Shanghai (the other is of Mammotome, located at the same site as Leica) have been well organized to resume work and production in an orderly manner," said Peng Yang, global vice president of Danaher and president of Danaher China.

"We are also very grateful for the support from the city's commission of commerce," Peng said.

"It allowed us to warehouse millions of dollars worth of materials intact via cold chain transport," Peng said. "This has effectively relieved operational pressure for us during this particular period."

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