Consumer sentiment up despite fall in 2022 ad revenue

Ding Yining
China's advertising spending drops in 2022 but there are early signs of recovery.
Ding Yining

China's advertising spending fell 11.8 percent in 2022, but there were early signs of recovery in December, with consumer sentiment improving.

According to a recent CTR Market Research study, despite ups and downs over the past year, advertising expenditures on TV, elevators, and digital channels have remained resilient.

Month-on-month growth returned in December, and the market is expected to be less volatile and return to a positive cycle.

In December, ad expenditures improved 6.4 percent from a month earlier.

Last year, the ad market recorded its worst performance since 2020 after a strong rebound in 2021 with an 11.2 percent increase.

Food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and home decoration are among the top industries that increased ad spending in the past year.

As health awareness grows, nutritional supplements and convenience foods have been popular.

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