Chinese brands find development opportunities amid China Brand Day event

Huang Yixuan
Chinese companies are further expanding from "made-in-China," to globally recognized brands, with greater market reach, further expanding and increasing international recognition.
Huang Yixuan

A sideline session of China Brand Day's official forum was held on Thursday, offering a platform for discussions on the development of Chinese brands.

The forum, attended by experts, scholars and business leaders from around the world, provides valuable insight into the success of Chinese brands and the strategies they use to expand globally.

Wang Hong, president of China Europe International Business School, highlighted the importance of brand economy in China's current high-quality development, adding that developing the brand economy is essential to meet people's needs for a better life and enhance China's global competitiveness.

She called for close cooperation among all parties to promote the development of the brand economy.

Dominique Turpin, the European president and professor of marketing at CEIBS, gave a speech at the session, emphasizing the importance of building a brand and trust with customers, as the world becomes increasingly complex and uncertain.

He shared three important rules of brand management, including differentiated and meaningful value propositions, innovation of the business model, and trustworthy communication.

In the case-sharing session, liquor-maker Wuliangye, as an example, was praised for its brand strategy, including optimizing the product portfolio, exploring cultural heritage, and utilizing multimedia storytelling to expand their brand awareness.

Shanghai Electric, ranked first in the machinery industry with a brand value of 161.7 billion yuan (US$23.26 billion), emphasized its core brand strategy of green development driven by technological innovation and open collaboration. It transformed from a manufacturing enterprise to a provider of industrial-level green intelligent system solutions.

Cainiao, the logistics affiliate of Alibaba Group, showcased their global brand by providing international express delivery, supply chain, and overseas warehousing and distribution services. It invested heavily in infrastructure and capabilities, allowing them to offer two standard products, "US$5 for 10-day delivery" to 20 countries and "US$2 for 20-day delivery" to 50 countries.

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