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Hasselblad eyes Chinese consumers

Ferrari of cameras opens its first China experience center in Xintiandi

Hasselblad, the Ferrari of cameras, plans to target professionals and high-end users of medium format cameras in China with the opening of its first China experience center today.

The center, located in DJI’s flagship store in Xintiandi, helps Chinese consumers to understand and access medium format cameras as they upgrade their consumption habits and demand higher quality for their photos, said Nicholas Lin, general manager of Asia Pacific.

Hasselblad, which offers medium format technology that features a bigger sensitive plate and higher image quality compared with Canon and Nikon models, produces cameras that cost from 100,000 yuan (US$14,500) each.

The center sells models like H6D and X1D as well as classical models and pictures for exhibition, such as NASA's 1968 shoot of Earthrise from the moon and pictures of David Bowie and Michael Jackson.

Hasselblad is also cooperating with Lenovo to offer users optimized smartphone camera component and software in China.

Zhu Shenshen

Classic models by Hasselblad 

Zhu Shenshen

Same model was used in the moon in 1969

Zhu Shenshen

Hasselblad camera on DJI device

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