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To update, or not to update? It is a question for iPhone users

Users of iPhone are unable to switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with new updates of iOS

Users of iPhone find it difficult to switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth after they upgrade their phones to the latest operating system iOS 11, which may consume unexpected power and data traffic and bring potential security risks.

Industry insiders warned users to be more cautious before the system update and wait for further updates.

Besides new features and changes, the new iOS 11 has its own bugs and software problems, like every major release of iOS, such as poor Wi-Fi connectivity, random connection drops and slow internet speed, according to media report and forum posts.

In China, people seem unfond of the new Control Center, which can’t really switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features after disconnect ongoing connections. The networks are still “ready” for new connections like other Wi-Fi networks and devices like Apple Watch.

With the new system, users find the setup “unfriendly and unclear” and out of battery within “three to four hours”. Some tech-savvy users choose to downgrade the new system to the previous one, which is not recommended by Apple, according to posts in the Chinese social website.

“In an attempt to keep you connected to Apple devices and services, iOS 11 compromises users' security. Such a loophole in connectivity can potentially leave users open to new attacks,” said the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

The only way to turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios is to enable Airplane Mode or navigate into Settings and go to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sections, according to EFF, a non-profit organization to defend civil liberties in the digital world.

Apple has released a statement to introduce how to control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on its tech support webpages.

Waiting for further iOS updates, which usually fix bugs and offers optimized UI or user interface, is recommended. The system downgrade is not reasonable because the system update is irreversible by Apple, experts said.

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