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Shanghai's export of software surges over 13 times

Software made in Shanghai used in 95 percent of the Belt and Road countries

Shen Weihua, deputy director of Shanghai Commission of Commerce, introduces Shanghai's export of software at the Shanghai Forum on Software Trade.

Shanghai’s export of software jumped more than 13 times in the past 15 years, and its software is increasingly adopted in Belt and Road countries, authorities told the Shanghai Forum on Software Trade today.

Shanghai exported US$3.69 billion worth of software last year, up 3.7 percent year on year, Shanghai Commission of Commerce said. In 2003 the city exported US$275 million worth of software.

Also, Shanghai’s export of software has evolved in recent years from application software to system software, and from simple software services to comprehensive solutions.

The export of software has also expanded from Europe, the US, and Japan to Belt and Road countries. Software made in Shanghai has been used in 95 percent of the Belt and Road countries, the commission said.

The revenue of Shanghai’s software and information services industry rose 14 percent year on year to 407.4 billion yuan (US$61.49 billion), more than 20 times the value in 2003, data by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology.

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