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Bezel-less smartphones with starting price of US$152 becoming popular

Bezel-less design or fullview display screen creates better experience for video streaming and mobile gaming for users.

Bezel-less design, which offers consumers bigger displays of better quality, will become a major trend in the domestic smartphone market in 2018 as models costing under 1,000 yuan (US$152) have debuted, Shanghai Daily learned.

The price drop in the past six months has been drastic because flagship models with this type of technology used to cost 5,000 to 10,000 yuan.

About 10 new models featuring bezel-less design debuted in the domestic market in the past week, and they are reasonably priced and feature technological development and innovation in new material and advanced artificial intelligence technology on facial identification, said smartphone vendors like Huawei and Gionee.

Bezel-less design creates better experience for video streaming and mobile gaming for users. Initially, the technology was adopted in flagship models like iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 costing over 5,000 yuan each. But the new technology screen will come into the mass market soon, said researcher Canalys.

“Fullview Display (bezel-less) design has become an irresistible trend in smartphones," said Liu Lirong, Gionee’s chairman.

Gionee launched eight new models priced from 999 yuan to 4,399 yuan on Sunday, including one that is also the first bezel-less screen costing below 1,000 yuan in the domestic market.

Honor, Huawei’s sub-brand targeting young consumers, launched Honor V10 on Tuesday, with bezel-less screen and advanced AI technology. The company claimed that the facial identification on the V10 is “more intelligent” compared with the iPhone X due to a Huawei-developed AI chip. The V10 price of 2,699 yuan, however, is lower than Apple’s iPhone X.

zhu shenshen / SHINE

A bezel-less phone debuts in Gionee's booth.

tigong / Ti Gong

Huawei's facial recognition technology is claimed as "more advanced than Apple's iPhone X".

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