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New devices to meet consumption upgrade in China

Zhu Shenshen
Products designed for high-end users made debut in the AWE show.
Zhu Shenshen
New devices to meet consumption upgrade in China
zhu shenshen / SHINE

Visitors check the new material cookers.

Cookers for nutrition gourmet, mirrors with beauty advice and intelligent washing machine shed lights during the ongoing AWE show today, which are to meet Chinese households' upgrading consumption demand.

Guangdong-based Enaiter showcased its latest rice cookers without using metal materials during the AWE 2018 (Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2018), China’s top home appliance show held annually in Shanghai.

The new material cookers offered Enaiter users food without loss of  nutrition, and "Chinese consumers no longer need to buy rice cookers in Japan," said an official with the company.

Panasonic displayed its concept model Magic mirrors, which can detect users’ skin quality and give related cosmetics and skincare advices.

US-based Whirlpool showcased latest refrigerator and washing machine models designed for high-end Chinese consumers, with intelligent technologies to better protect food and clothes. 

With more disposable income and booming demand for better quality life, 40 percent of Chinese families in China are willing to pay more than 10,000 yuan (US$1,538) for a TV or a washing machine, industry insiders said.

It has encouraged vendors to develop high-end and intelligent devices to meet the demand upgrade in China.

The AWE, which attracts 800 exhibitors and 250,000 expected visitors, will open through Sunday.

New devices to meet consumption upgrade in China
Zhu Shenshen / SHINE

A visitor checks the new technology refrigerator during the AWE show 

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