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16 firms form 5G industry alliance in Shanghai

The alliance groups companies to help develop new applications for future 5G services, which are set to be commercially available in China in 2020.

A 5G industry alliance comprising 16 companies was founded in Shanghai today — World Telecommunications Day.

The alliance, which focuses on ultra high-definition video transferred on 5G networks, groups companies to encourage them to develop new applications for future 5G services, which are set to be commercially available in China in 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said today in a statement.   

The 5G technology, offering 20 to 50 times faster speed compared with 4G networks, creates new applications and business opportunities in drones, the Internet of Things and super-high video streaming, analysts said.

The major members of the “5G Plus 8K” alliance includes Oriental Pearl, China Telecom Shanghai branch, BesTV and Foxconn. 

The alliance will develop high-speed 5G and super high-definition video up to 8K technology, the current highest ultra high definition in digital television and digital cinematography.

Oriental Pearl and Foxconn will produce 8K content while BesTV and Shanghai Telecom will broadcast programs based on 5G networks to create an “8K Ecosystem”.

China Telecom has started 5G trial networks in six cities nationwide including Shanghai. The company is testing 5G in areas in Zhongshan Park. China Mobile is also testing 5G in the city including areas in Hongkou District. 

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