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Chinese folk music spreads in the digital age

Zhu Shenshen
New technologies and digital distribution used to promote Chinese folk music.
Zhu Shenshen

New technologies and digital distribution can protect and promote Chinese folk music, supported by tech firms from Tencent, DTS to ZTE, Shanghai Daily learned recently.

A folk album, co-produced by the China Association of Performance Arts, Tencent Music and Hi-Fi technology provider DTS, has been published online. The album "New Ethnic Charm-Listen to Mountains and Waters," features the latest audio technology and will be distributed online globally.

“Chinese folk music needs the latest technology and distribution channels to attract new audience. It helps the world better understand China and its culture,” said Zhu Kening, head of the association. 

DTS offers latest audio technologies for folk music, such as improved “immersive stereo effects." Tencent Music Entertainment will distribute the album online and will publish more folk music in the future. Tencent now has more than 800 million users. 

The music can be streamed and played through 5G phones , such as ZTE’s next-generation model Axon 10 Pro supporting DTS audio techs and 5G, said Shenzhen-listed ZTE.

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