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Hackers 'attacking China's medical systems'

Zhu Shenshen
Security firm 360 says attacks are disguised as COVID-19 information and webpages which allow hackers to control systems and access sensitive information when were clicked on . 
Zhu Shenshen

Professional overseas computer hackers have been attacking China’s medical systems and organizations to steal information and data related to COVID-19, according to Chinese online security firm 360.

The attacks are disguised as COVID-19 information and webpages, which become computer Trojans after victims click or access them. Hackers can control systems while steal and access sensitive information through the attacks, 360 said on Thursday.

They mainly target medical organizations in all China’s provinces and other organizations in 36 countries, said 360.

The firm traced the attacks to OceanLotus, a professional hacking organization in Vietnam, which has conducted attacks since 2012.

The attack is defined as an APT (advanced persistent threat), which means hacking that is well organized and coordinated with specific objectives and mining highly sensitive data.

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