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Surge in demand for consumer electronics

Zhu Shenshen
Online CES event hears of the major opportunities for games, eSports and devices especially after the pandemic and in the era of digital transformation.
Zhu Shenshen

Games, eSports and electronics have big opportunities in China, especially in the post-pandemic and digital transformation era, industry officials told the ongoing CES event held online.

Sony Corp has launched PS5 game titles while ASUS upgraded eSports gear under its ROG brand. Merck, which announced a new US$21 million factory in Shanghai recently, expects surging demand for the chemical material used in chips and sensors, Shanghai Daily learned during the world’s biggest consumer electronics show. 

During the first online-only CES because of the pandemic, ROG published its ROG Citadel XV special interactive demo application to allow visitors to access a virtual world to test its eSports gear, including laptops, monitors, and mice. 

Surge in demand for consumer electronics
Ti Gong

ROG offered a virtual and interactive application during the online CES event.

The highlights of ROG releases include ROG Strix gaming laptops featuring AMD and Nvidia’s latest graphic cards, double screen and rotatable design and AI-featured noise-cancellation technologies. The products are designed for serious game fans but are also capable of business demands, said ROG. 

A number of PlayStation 5 games release dates were revealed at Sony’s CES event for gamers to look forward to this year.

The pandemic has brought about lockdowns across the world, forcing people to stay at home and spend more time on remote working and digital entertainment. This has boosted demand for PCs with multi-functions, industry officials said.

The next generation of electronics will be more centered around data application and become more data-driven which will propel continuous demand for more powerful chips. Further innovations in materials are needed to meet the continuously increasing demand for microchips regarding performance, durability as well as energy and cost efficiency, Kai Beckmann, CEO of Merck’s performance materials business, said during the event.

Merck’s new Electronics Technology Center in Shanghai, which will host a full spectrum of capabilities of analytics, testing and sampling for electronic materials, is “our newest and most comprehensive” project, according to Beckmann.

The CES event was held between Monday and Thursday (US time).

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