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Chinese tech giants help Indonesian students

Zhu Shenshen
Huawei and Kingsoft Office offering cloud and office products and services to help students and teachers at 500 universities in Indonesia amid the pandemic.
Zhu Shenshen

Chinese tech firms Huawei and Kingsoft Office are offering cloud and office products and services for students at 500 universities in Indonesia during the pandemic, Shanghai Daily learned on Friday.

Kingsoft Office will donate WPS office suits, with similar functions as Microsoft Office, to cover up to 10 million students while Huawei is offering 1,000 cloud e-learning accounts.

It’s the largest agreement in scale for WPS adoption in the overseas markets, which is a part of the company’s One Belt and Road strategy, said the STAR-listed company.

The products will directly meet the demand for online face-to-face education and learning in Indonesia. The support of Chinese tech firms will accelerate digital transformation of Indonesian education, its officials said.

Meanwhile, Kingsoft’s products and services are being used in Thailand, Malaysia and other Belt and Road countries, said Cheng Bin, who is in charge of the company’s overseas business. 

In early January, Kingsoft Office said the ban on its products issued by former US President Donald Trump wouldn’t adversely affect the company, which offers free services to 100-million overseas users.

Kingsoft Office is now the No. 2 company in the STAR Market with a market value of 191.3 billion yuan (US$29.4 billion) on Friday.

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