The Belt and Road Initiative

Belt and Road, a signature policy unveiled by President Xi Jinping in 2013, embraces 65 countries to expand commerce and international relations. The initiative connects China with Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and Africa via the Old Silk Road and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. This series explores how the initiative is faring by land and by sea.

Industrial cooperation and international competitiveness under Belt and Road

A forum on industrial international competitiveness was held today to discuss industrial cooperation and international competitiveness under the Belt and Road initiative.

Forum agrees on grotto protection

Moves to safeguard cultural heritage against background of Belt and Road initiative are the focus of university meeting in Shanghai.

Fudan University to open campus in Hungary

Fudan University is to open a campus at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary.


Forum to promote cultural exchanges along Belt and Road

Shanghai and cities along China's Belt and Road Initiatives jointly launched a study project over the weekend to research on and exchange the cultures among the cities.

Shanghai to help train talent in Belt and Road nations

Shanghai will cooperate with electric power universities, companies and organizations in over a dozen countries to train professionals.

Exotic country on Silk Road welcomes tourists

Uzbekistan, a central Asian nation on the Silk Road, could be one of the most exotic destinations for your next vacation. 

Belt and Road forum gathers experts from around the world

More than 100 experts from over 20 countries and regions gathered at Fudan University on Sunday to share new ideas and new practices around the Belt and Road Initiative.

Navigation training camp starts in Shanghai

Officials of national navigation centers from seven countries over the globe gathered in Shanghai this week to attend a training camp of navigation management.

City courts handle "Belt and Road" cases

Increasingly close relations with other countries have led to an increase in disputes that need to be resolved

Chinese firms see more revenue from projects along Belt and Road

Chinese firms signed 1,922 new engineering contracts in 61 B&R countries, with a total contract value of US$47.79 billion.