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PlayStation 5 officially available in China

Zhu Shenshen
Sony says two versions of the PS5 to go on sale at relatively low prices in some Chinese websites such as JD, Tmall and Sony China since Saturday.
Zhu Shenshen

Sony’s PlayStation 5 games console will go on sale in China from Saturday. 

There will be two versions costing 3,099 yuan (US$477) and 3,899 yuan. The more expensive PS5 has a Blu-ray drive. They will be available online from JD, Tmall, Sony China and Bilibili and at electronics stores.

Eguchi Tatsuo, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Ltd, said the prices are competitive in order to boost long-term development of the games industry in China. 

US or European versions of the PS5 cost from 4,500 yuan on Chinese websites such as Taobao.

By March, after a global debut in November, Sony had sold 7.8 million PS5s, making it more popular than the Nintendo Wii or the Microsoft Xbox, according to media reports. 

The PS5 features ray tracing, 4K-definition, high-frame rate, 8K support and VR integration. It supports new-technology SSD memory, which offers game loading speeds 100 times faster than the PS4.

Several hundred players and industry executives attended a PS5 event in Shanghai on Friday which featured games, cartoon characters, DualSense wireless joysticks and other gadgets.

Genshin Impact, a game developed by Shanghai-based MiHoYo, occupied a special zone during the event.

Sony is helping an increasing number of Chinese developers onto the global stage on the PlayStation platform, said Tatsuo, and will continue to support China's games industry with R&D, technology and marketing.

Also on Friday, Microsoft announced it would be selling its next-generation X-Box consoles in China from next month.

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