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Honor smartphone brand implements data security protection standards

Zhu Shenshen
It's the first manufacturer in China's smartphone industry to outline how it will guard users' data privacy.
Zhu Shenshen

The Honor smartphone brand has issued a white paper on personal information and privacy protection, including tech standards and methods, the first of its kind among all Chinese brands.

Honor will meet the world's strictest regulation rules on data security, such as GDPR in Europe, and a new law in China to take effect in November.

Honor, spun off Huawei, was one of top five smartphone brands in China in the second quarter.

The white paper is a response to concerns about personal information and privacy protection in the industry and among consumers. Most people access the Internet through smartphones in China which has the world's biggest mobile and Internet population.

The white paper covers "full life cycle management" of personal data, including "collection," "transmission," "storage," "use," "transfer" and "destroy."

The tech standards will be immediately adopted for use in the brand's Magic models.

Last month, China passed its first Personal Information Protection Law to prevent businesses collecting sensitive personal data and to crack down on crimes like online fraud and data theft.The law will take effect in November.

Similar to Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Chinese law requires firms to justify their data collection and provide consumers with the right to access or delete their information, experts said.

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