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Google aims to grow with Chinese developers

Zhu Shenshen
On average, one of five global developers comes from China. Google seeks to tap into this deep talent pool to expand its reach.
Zhu Shenshen

Google Inc is seeking business opportunities from Chinese developers including for gaming, social platforms and videography, which are growing rapidly globally, the tech giant said on Tuesday.

Currently, China has more than 5 million mobile developers, accounting for 19 percent of the global number. It means that one in five developers in the world comes from China. Meanwhile, Chinese game developers occupy 23 percent of shares in the overseas markets, taking top spots in the rankings, the company said during the Google Developer Summit China 2021.

Google is willing to "grow together" with Chinese developers, Stanley Chen, Google China president, said during the summit held online on Tuesday.

Google's online page is not accessible in the Chinese mainland. However, domestic developers can still use its tools for programming and overseas expansion.

For example, dot-com giants ByteDance and Tencent are using Google's tools to develop features and functions in popular applications and games like TikTok and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

To date in 2021, Google has launched 107 courses in seven categories for Google Play in the Chinese language, including many online courses, said Chen.

The company has introduced tools for developers, including for Android, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, and efficiency-improvement technology, to support various platforms, which help developers save time during the test and certification processes.

Android is a major mobile operating system in China as the top five Chinese smartphone brands are developing interfaces and features using the system.

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