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WRL Asia bets on more overseas participation

Zhu Shenshen
KBG beat Weibo Gaming, or WBG, 4:1 to clinch the Wild Rift League 2, a mobile League of Legends league, in the final.
Zhu Shenshen

The mobile League of Legends league event, Wild Rift League 2, or WRL 2, concluded on Sunday in Shanghai with a new champion, the KBG club.

The eSports event will be promoted as WRL Asia in 2023, with more participation by foreign clubs, the organizer said.

It meets China's growing demand for eSports and mobile games, while helping meet Shanghai's goal of becoming a global "eSports Capital."

The KBG club defeated Weibo Gaming, or WBG, 4:1 in the final on Sunday night at the Hongqiao Tiandi Acting Center. With his stunning performance, KBG.DaT, whose real name is Gao Jianlin, won the FMVP or Finals Most Valuable Player trophy.

WRL Asia bets on more overseas participation
Ti Gong

The new WRL Asia logo is unveiled in Shanghai.

The WRL will be renamed WRL Asia in 2023, with 12 Chinese mainland clubs and eight overseas teams such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand. According to promoter Riot Games, the WRL Asia will officially commence in April after eligible clubs are determined.

Riot Games' League of Legends is one of the most popular eSports games in China. According to industry officials, the bulk of China's mobile eSports teams are in Shanghai or neighboring cities.

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