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Chinese smartphones target high-end global market

Zhu Shenshen
Chinese smartphones are speeding up the release of new models, targeting the high-end global market, and competing directly with Apple and Samsung.
Zhu Shenshen

Chinese smartphones are speeding up the production of new model releases, despite 2023 expected to be a sluggish market.

They've increased investment in new features on battery, image and eSports to woo high-end market consumers and eye global expansion, Shanghai Daily learned.

Huawei denied the report saying it will sell the mobile end business while Honor released a flagship model to directly compete with Apple and Samsung globally. OPPO and OnePlus also announced new smartphone releases this week.

There is a rumor saying that Huawei will sell its mobile end business under stricter US tech bans. But Huawei denied the report, stating it would increase investment in its consumer business and release flagship models later this month.

Chinese smartphones target high-end global market
Zhu Shenshen / SHINE

Honor released the Magic 5 model in Shanghai, with overseas sales expected to double in 2023.

Honor's Magic 5 made its Chinese debut in Shanghai, which features new image, screen, battery and artificial intelligence functions. With a new material used in the battery, the new smartphone features extended use for each charge.

Honor now targets the world's high-end market in 2023, with expected overseas sales to double this year. The brand is now a direct rival of Apple and Samsung, Zhao Ming, Honor's president, said in an interview in Shanghai.

Zhao compared the Magic model with high-end models in the market like iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy models and Huawei's Mate models.

With sluggish market demand, inflation and economic uncertainty, China's smartphone market sales will drop by 1.1 percent to 283 million units in 2023 but rebound to over 300 million units in 2024, with a growth of 6.2 percent, said International Data Corp or IDC.

Chinese smartphones target high-end global market
Ti Gong

OnePlus released a new model optimized for gamers.

Vendors will develop new functions to boost market demand, mainly in the middle and high-end market, said Guo Tianxiang, IDC's senior analyst.

Also on Tuesday, OnePlus released a mid-level model Ace 2V, featuring a screen optimized for eSports fans, a larger capacity battery, and fast-charging function. It's sold starting from 2,299 yuan (US$333).

OPPO will also release a new smartphone model in March, Shanghai Daily learned.

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