Fudan's double degrees program with Italian universities turns 20

Yang Meiping
The 20th anniversary of Fudan University's School of Management's double degree in international management with Bocconi University and Luiss University was celebrated in Shanghai.
Yang Meiping
Fudan's double degrees program with Italian universities turns 20
Ti Gong

Alumni from across the globe were in Shanghai for the DDIM reunion.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of China and Italy's comprehensive strategic cooperation, and a Sino-Italian program at Fudan University's School of Management is also in its 20th year.

More than 200 alumni from across the world convened in Shanghai to celebrate the success of the double degrees in international management (DDIM) program, which provided them with double master's degrees as well as international management knowledge.

DDIM, a collaborative project between Fudan and its two Italian partners, Bocconi University and Luiss University, was the product of a 2005 agreement between China and Italy's education ministries.

Students from China and other countries spend the first year at one of the Italian institutions and the second year at Fudan, where they complete their studies and receive diplomas from both Fudan and Bocconi/Luiss.

According to Francesco Billari, rector at Bocconi University, DDIM is an essential program that connects Italy, Europe, and China.

"It's a bridge connecting the East and West," he said. "It's a program that has changed the lives of students. The students have emerged in the last 20 years as stronger professionals who can connect different cultures and navigate different environments."

Fudan's double degrees program with Italian universities turns 20

Francesco Billari, curator at Bocconi University

He stated that alumni from cooperating universities created a community that will exist forever and contributed to the strengthening of links between China and Italy, or West and East.

"I think that's a good way to denote the strong ties that we have developed," he said. "We shall put in a strong effort to developing this program. As expectations rise, we cannot rely just on success. So, if we transform people's lives, we'll be able to alter the world for the better, which is the ultimate purpose of university education."

Giovanni Fiori, academic coordinator of DDIM at Luiss University, stated that international educational collaboration is "something not important, but extremely important" because it broadens students' minds and allows them to gain new experiences while learning and living together in an international setting.

"In my opinion, traveling to different countries, talking to people, and knowing diverse cultures has taught me far more than reading books. Because reading a book allows you to connect with yourself. However, social intelligence can only be developed through these types of programs, through development exchange, and by exchanging experiences."

Fudan's double degrees program with Italian universities turns 20

Giovanni Fiori, academic coordinator of DDIM at Luiss University

He said that the three universities have made significant progress through the initiative during the last 20 years.

"This is something which matters a lot because this means that the three universities are good and combine them for the better."

Lu Xiongwen, dean of Fudan University's School of Management, thanked all of the partners for their help and support over the last 20 years.

He noted that through international collaboration, such as the partnership with Bocconi and Luiss, the university has made steady improvement, with its programs ranking highly in global rankings.

Fudan's double degrees program with Italian universities turns 20

Lu Xiongwen, dean of the Fudan University School of Management

"We intend to continue with globalization. That is the secret, the true strategy for the school's growth," he observed.

"It is critical to engage our students in the international community at a young age, as this will broaden their perspectives. This program allows Chinese and international students to interact extensively while studying, living, and traveling. Such encounters will instill international characteristics in them. Many graduates work outside China, and some have even married foreigners."

Chen Zhimin, Fudan's vice president, said that the program is becoming increasingly popular since it provides not only specialized training in international management but also the ability to enjoy intercultural learning and life experiences. He vowed that Fudan would continue to help DDIM in its future development.

"We will enhance cooperation with our Italian partners to make the program and our campus more international," he said. "I suppose together for the next 20 years or 40 years to come, we will build on a stronger legacy which comes from the past to imagine together a peaceful and prosperous future."

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