Artist's attempt at deconstructing self-identity in his 'Living Room'

Lin Shan's new solo exhibition, "Living Room," is an attempt to create the tension of a family living area by rearranging objects that inhabit the room without the host.
Ti Gong
Ti Gong

Artist Lin Shan’s new solo exhibition, “Living Room,” is a post-modern attempt to create the tension of a family living area by rearranging typical objects and artworks that inhabit the room without the host present.

A living room usually features furniture, art and other objects that represent the character and personality of the host. Lin has managed to fill this small area with an inconsistent tension.

All of the guests here are self-invited, and they are challenged to find out about the host from the artworks and objects. 

French philosopher Philip Baudrillard once said, “It is certain that objects are the carriers of indexed social significations, of a social and cultural hierarchy.”

But it turns out that it is not easy for the guests to piece up the image of the host when they are trying to decode the artworks and objects.

For example, the old-fashioned background and costumes suggest that the room belongs to a family from the West in the last century. However, the photo, taken with a Fujifilm instant camera, opposes it. Such inconsistency can be noticed everywhere inside the room.

These objects could be a mystery set up by the absent host as a way of pretending. It could also be a way for the host to present himself. No matter what, it creates unlimited possibilities for the viewers to guess who the host is and to enjoy a sense of joy in snooping.

Born in 1988, Lin grew up in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, one of the biggest immigrant cities in China. He sees how immigrants from different places encounter and identify each other. 

Through the living room, he tries to discuss how self-identity is constructed and deconstructed in our daily lives.

Exhibition details

Date: Through June 24, 10am-6pm (Tuesday-Thursday), 10:30am-6:30pm, (Friday-Sunday)
Address: Bldg 16, 50 Moganshan Rd

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