APSMUSEUM opens with top-class contemporary art

Song Xinyi
The museum's opening exhibit features works from big names such as sculptor Anish Kapoor, animator Qiu Anxiong and installation artist James Turrell.
Song Xinyi
APSMUSEUM opens with top-class contemporary art
Courtesy of APSMUSEUM

APSMUSEUM’s opening exhibition “Ensemble Urbain” is ongoing at L+MALL in Lujiazui, Pudong New Area.

Founded by Art Pioneer Studio and its founder Robin Wang, APSMUSEUM is a non-profit art space that brings together contemporary art, fashion, design, architecture and other creative fields. The space designed by Italian firm Stefano Boeri Architetti consist of APSPACE for exhibitions, APSTORE as an art and design shop and APSALON for meetings.

APSMUSEUM opens with top-class contemporary art
Song Xinyi

“Experience — Venus de Milo” (left) by Xu Zhen and “Static II” (right) by Mona Hatoum

Curated by conceptual artist Xu Zhen, the opening exhibition in this unconventional space features artists including British-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor, contemporary painter Ding Yi, London-based Mona Hatoum, video and animation creator Qiu Anxiong, Yang Zhenzhong and James Turrell.

APSMUSEUM opens with top-class contemporary art
Courtesy of LIsson Gallery

“Random Triangle Mirror” by Anish Kapoor

The exhibit highlights Kapoor’s “Random Triangle Mirror,” a round mirror consisting of a reflective triangular mosaic. It pulls viewers in and disorientates all sense of self and surroundings.

Qiu brings his ink animation project “The New Book of Mountains and Seas.” Based on the Chinese traditional masterpiece “Classic of Mountains and Seas,” the animation trilogy questions the onrushing progress of social and technological development and their cost to the environment, to traditional values and to human cultures as a whole.

APSMUSEUM opens with top-class contemporary art
Courtesy of Pace Gallery

“Solon, Medium Rectangle Glass” by James Turrell

A hidden room right beside the entrance displays Turrell’s recent Constellation series “Solon, Medium Rectangle Glass.” Visitors are greeted with the slow dissolution of the boundaries of a surrounding room in the radiance of pure color. The leading figure of the “Light and Space” movement has long devoted himself to the exploration of perception, with a special focus on the materiality of light.

In the future, more exhibitions, programs and events will be open to the public and more opportunities will be provided for young artist to showcase their works.

Exhibition info:

Date: Through February 28, 10am-pm

Tickets: 66-99 yuan


Address: 3/F, 889 Pudong Rd S., Pudong New Area


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