Song Xinyi

Feature Reporter

'Crown prince' of piano in Shanghai

Viewed as "Croatia's crown prince of the crossover piano," Maksim Mrvica, together with his band, is visiting Shanghai with the "Phantasy of the Silk Road" world tour.

Chris Botti trumpets his way to Shanghai

Grammy-winning trumpet player and composer Chris Botti will bring his tour to Shanghai, promising a "night of real entertainment."
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'Expressive, unshowy' cellist to breeze into Shanghai

Praised as "one of the finest cellists around – expressive, unshowy and infinitely classy" by "The Guardian," Alban Gerhardt will soon visit Shanghai with his songful performance.
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Putting ordinary people back into '40 Years of Recorded History'

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up, an exhibition entitled "My Stories, My Paintings – 40 Years of Recorded History" opened to the public.
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Unique show on Shanghai stage

Recognized as one of China's leading performers, Li Yugang is coming to Shanghai with his unique stage opera.
Art & Culture

Sunflower exhibition blooms

A solo exhibition of Chinese artist Xu Jiang's sunflower creations and masterpieces from the past 15 years has opened to the public.

The unconventional Khalil Fong returns

Fong Tai Tung, also known as Khalil Fong, will come back to Shanghai to share his music and stories with his fans.

Tiandi festival serves up an eclectic musical feast

Entitled "the Heartbeat of the World," the Tiandi World Music Festival features an eclectic mix of artists from all over the world promising to serve up a show of diversity.

Fitness helps women fight gender roles

"Don't let other people tell you how to live. Stand up for yourself."
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Word on the street gives new meaning to fashion

"For me wearing clothing is not just simply adorning myself with garments. It's a much deeper and much more emotional experience than just buying and wearing."