Traditional Hanfu outfit brings out my inner "Snow White" in Disneyland

Yu Wenhao Xu Yueer
It always feels good to embrace the cultural roots by dressing up in traditional clothing.
Yu Wenhao Xu Yueer

By wearing a blue standing-collar robe, a yellow sleeve over-dress coat, and a red Mamianqun (or horse-face skirt), I successfully channeled my inner "Snow White" in a traditional Hanfu attire as I visited Shanghai Disneyland. What's even better is that I didn't need to make any modifications to the outfit, and it's perfect for everyday wear with the right styling.

Wearing traditional clothing is always a fulfilling way to honor our heritage and culture.

Shot by Yu Wenhao and Xu Yueer. Edited by Yu Wenhao. Subtitles by Yu Wenhao.

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