Breathing life into time-honored brands

The Shanghai China Time-Honored Brands Association has established a strategic cooperation with "Fashion Exchange" to revitalize time-honored local brands.

The Shanghai China Time-Honored Brands Association has established a strategic cooperation with “Fashion Exchange,” the leading global resource platform hosted by Suntchi in Shanghai, to revitalize time-honored local brands.

A joint platform was set up to empower more than 200 century-old brands, such as Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle, Shanghai Warrior Shoes, jeweler Lao Feng Xiang, Hero Pen and Shanghai Watch, with fashionable designs and elements to bring back the charms of the brands.

Ti Gong

Paul Fang, Suntchi CEO

“Being in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, we are fairly experienced in how to crank up the once-glorified brands with fashion designs and IP (Intellectual Property) contents,” said Paul Fang, founder and CEO of Suntchi. 

Teamed up with Council of Fashion Designers of America, the fashion and lifestyle trend-setter set up “Fashion Exchange,” with a resourceful think tank of more than 200 world-class fashion designers, artists and celebrities.

Fang said the key to revitalizing the brands is to make them “younger, more international and fashionable, more IP-based.”  

He revealed that a three-year revitalization plan is underway to benefit all the brands included on the platform, with a focus fashion-related categories, such as beauty makeups, 3c (computer, communication and consumer electronics) products, jewelry, accessories and watches.

“It will be a long-term investment,” he added. “And our strategies will be focus on product re-design and better catering to a younger generation of consumers, to facilitate the brands with plans of brick-and-mortar designs and new distribution channels.”

Suntchi is one of the master brains behind of the first “China Day” at 2018 fall/winter men’s fashion week in New York earlier in February, when four Chinese sportswear labels, Peacebird, Li Ning, Clot and Chen Peng, showed their style.

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