Robots prepare to take over local stadium

Xu Wei
Families can have a fun day with interactive arts and crafts activities at Maker Carnival Shanghai 2021, which takes place from October 15 to 17 at Shanghai Jiangwan Stadium.
Xu Wei

Maker Carnival Shanghai 2021 takes place from October 15 to 17 at Shanghai Jiangwan Stadium, exploring concepts related to robots and sustainability, and showcasing cutting-edge technologies and after-school programs. Families can have a fun day with interactive arts and crafts activities.

Since its debut in 2012, the annual event has gathered creative makers from around the world to display high-tech robotic products, technologies and new ideas in art and design. It is also a platform for makers, regardless of their age and skills, to exchange and learn new things.

At this year's event, a lecture themed around the development of maker culture will be given. It will include open-source hardware suppliers, developers and makers to talk about business opportunities in the industry and innovative new trends.

The Maker Show Area will offer innovative hands-on learning and sharing, with makers showing their latest innovations and using tools to solve problems. Visitors can experience the very latest in virtual reality, 3D printing and futuristic fashion.

The Maker Competition Area will include an X-FLY drone racing contest, Robotex and Robomaster.

For the drone racing contest, contestants will wear VR glasses to control their machines in high-speed flights through a first-person view, and guide the drones through various arches, dart flags and other obstacles.

The Robotex China contest will showcase the intense competition between intelligent robots, with makers manipulating their robots to fight against their partner. Whichever pushes the other out of the circle will be crowned the winner.

Robomaster is one of the most popular robot fighting matches for youths and makers in China – a 3D action game where players gain control of a group of giant robots. The goal is to face off against other robots who are all at war with one another.

According to Chen Dianman, co-founder of Thunder Laser, an exhibitor at the event, the carnival is a creative feast for children to experience new cutting-edge technologies and programs.

"It can help broaden children's horizons and give them a chance to have face-to-face conversations with makers," Chen said. "The event will cultivate more innovative young people in China."

Robots prepare to take over local stadium
Ti Gong

Robot fighting games are always a popular event at the carnival.

Maker Carnival Shanghai 2021

Dates: October 15-17, 9am-5:30pm

Venue: Shanghai Jiangwan Stadium

Address: 346 Guohe Road

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