New landmark in West Hongqiao announces 2022 opening plans

Li Fei
As a new landmark and one of the largest malls in the West Hongqiao Area, the UNI Vanke Mall will open in 2022.
Li Fei
New landmark in West Hongqiao announces 2022 opening plans
Ti Gong

An artist's rendering of the UNI Vanke Mall

As a new landmark in the West Hongqiao area, the UNI Vanke Mall is scheduled to open in 2022, the property developer said.

Located at the Xuying Road Station of Metro Line 17, the mall is the first to be built atop a subway train garage in Shanghai, making it a special landmark 9 meters above the ground.

In collaboration with Alibaba Group, it will be one of the first digital TOD (transit-oriented development) commercial property in Shanghai, offering an interactive shopping experience based on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, AIOT (artificial intelligence of things), augmented reality and virtual reality.

What can be expected from the shopping mall? There will be Ali-robots to provide shopping recommendations based on customer's purchase and searching record on shopping platform Taobao and 1:1 virtual scenes on interactive screens (customers can see the same scene of the shopping mall and products online).

The mall will be a green venue with a rich variety of plants inside. In cooperation with the Chenshan Botanical Garden, a first-of-its-kind project, Chenshan Plant Guide Station, will be located in the mall. It will host horticultural classes and events to the customers. Meanwhile, a pop-up store with a botany theme will debut.

Interactive exhibitions on nature, green spaces and environmental protection will also be a highlight of the mall.

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