Pandas have surprises for fan of kung fu

Gao Ceng Ma Xuefeng
Kung fu lover Neo recently arrived in Shanghai from Canada, hoping to discover the martial art's secrets. Will he find them? Check out this micro-movie produced by Shanghai Daily. 
Gao Ceng Ma Xuefeng

The micro-movie tells the story of Neo, who’s addicted to Chinese culture, especially its food and art. Neo came to Shanghai from Canada recently, hoping to be apprenticed to learn the ancient art of kung fu.

With clues left by his best friend, Neo got up early to explore the city, trying to find the mysterious kung fu master. To his surprise, he discovered that almost every one in the city was a master, from a 9-year-old child to a man in his 70s, from a waitress in a teahouse to a worker. More interestingly, these masters in one accord transform themselves to become a very cute panda when showing their unique kung fu skills. Enlightened by these “Panda masters,” Neo finally discovered that Chinese breathing is the secret behind kung fu.

If you like this movie, why not follow panda Qiqi to practice exercises featuring Chinese breathing, customized by Professor Yao Fei from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The workout can be completed within a minute so that you can practice anytime, anywhere. Eight basic movements draw inspiration from four different animals — tigers, deer, bears and birds — and are easy to remember. Professor Yao believes that if you keep practicing, the workout can improve your health, especially helping with blood circulation, soothing muscle strain and improving sleep and digestion.

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